Common Warning Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine has taken over countless lives since achieving heightened popularity more than a century ago. Early on, it was used for medicinal purposes to supposedly cure depression and a wide range of other conditions. Eventually, the negative impacts of this substance came to light, and it lost favor in the medical world. Unfortunately, by that time, it had gained popularity in the social realm.

Warning Signs of Cocaine Use

Some drugs linger quietly in the background of users’ lives especially if their loved ones aren’t sure of which warning signs to look for. Cocaine use has some distinctive symptoms, many of which stand out in stark contrast to people’s normal behaviors.

  • Drastic Weight Loss: Cocaine has a way of suppressing the appetite in some people and heightening it in others. Regardless of resulting eating habits, it keeps the body from storing fat, so users lose weight either way.
  • Burn Marks: When heated, cocaine tends to crack, pop and splatter, leaving noticeable burns on users’ hands and faces.
  • Eye Sensitivity: Cocaine use typically causes pupils to dilate, leaving users unusually sensitive to light.
  • Changes in Appearance: In many cases, cocaine users suddenly lose interest in the way they look or dress and may even neglect personal hygiene.
  • Mood Swings: Repeated use can cause people to have drastic mood swings, such as being mellow one moment and angry and violent the next.
  • Distance: Cocaine tends to cause users to withdraw from those they love, opting instead for physical and emotional isolation.
  • Sleeplessness: As a stimulant, this drug gives users an extreme energy rush. Though the common euphoric effects of cocaine wear off within minutes, the accompanying burst of energy often lingers long after the fact.
  • Risky Behavior: Cocaine lowers inhibitions and drives its users to participate in potentially harmful behaviors.

Spotting the warning signs of cocaine abuse isn’t always easy. Many of these symptoms mimic those of anxiety and depression as well as numerous other conditions. If someone you love exhibits a number of these telltale factors, he or she may be battling addiction. Help is readily available for those abusing cocaine as well as the people close to them. Check here for additional details and helpful information on what to do moving forward.